I am going to preface this discussion by stating that I am a twenty-year-old white girl who goes to a University College and studies English Literature. I am not here to look at opinions, I am simply here to bring forth facts and new perspectives to a discussion that I believe is long overdue. With that being said, let’s jump into it.

When people say that the American prison system was built on the back of slavery, there are always those who will sit there and tell them that they are wrong. They will argue that the lovely America would…

Two and a half months ago I laid in my bed having a miniature crisis because I realized I liked women. Although it wasn’t the realization that I liked women that caused my brain to spiral into chaos, but rather the fact that I am in my early twenties and I assumed that I should have figured that out years ago. Whenever you hear stories about people who have come out it’s always those who are somewhere between the ages of twelve and sixteen who have either just realized how they feel or realized it long ago but have been…

Kayley Quinn

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